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    Wednesday, February 15, 2006

    Father Gabriele Amorth (the Exorcist) meets Bob Larson

    Father Amorth's book "An Exorcist Tells His Story" is one of my favorites.
    Especially as it shines light on the Franciscan theme of the ongoing and
    important struggle Jesus, and now we fight, against the Devil.

    mentions in the book about the good work being done by mainly
    as exorcists.

    a fellow
    who met the good Father.

    This guy does OK until he
    turns into used car salesman eager for exactly $120 which would get you a copy
    of a recording of the meeting:

    .. In a moment I’ll share how you can have a Limited Edition copy of this historic video footage...

    Don’t put off being a partner with me. Get your check or credit card right now and call 1-866-910-FREE (3733) to let us know your gift is on the way. Join 999 other people by sharing a gift of $120 so the doors to our Spiritual Freedom Church & Center can open next month.

    I’m praying that the moment you write that check or call in that credit card that the anointing I received from Father Amorth will flow from me to you. Let The Miracle at the Vatican be the beginning of a miracle in your own life

    Doing What Jesus Did,
    Bob Larson

    P. S. My personal meeting and interview with Father Amorth, along with the visit to his exorcism room, was all captured on video. This is remarkable, unprecedented footage and a small portion will appear in the worldwide exorcism documentary we’re producing. I want you to have the entire, unedited footage in an exclusive “director’s cut” called The Miracle at the Vatican. For your gift of $120 or more, I’ll rush this footage to you as soon as it’s available. If you have Catholic friends or family, don’t miss the chance to let them see this historic encounter. I’m praying that, as you watch it, Father Amorth’s anointing will come upon your life.

    Oh well, a bit pushy, but he knows his audience best.

    Actually I would
    love to see the video. I just don't have the bucks.


    Blogger CS said...

    'Doing what Jesus did?' Did Jesus sell videos and do direct mail?

    Oh well, never mind; just thinking out loud...

    February 16, 2006  

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