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    Thursday, December 18, 2008

    Anglicans based on what then?

    Darn it. Just when we Catholics thought we had the Anglicans on the right path by replacing their head with a Catholic politician, it seems they don't need a head.

    So if they don't stand on requiring the King or Queen to lead them, what do they stand upon? Just simple stubborn seperation from the Church. And unlike Luther, they don't even claim a different theology. Just apart and liking it.

    I wonder what the chances are that the One True Anglican Church would be guided by the Holy Spirit to first break from the Church over a King's marriage, then toss out the King and still feel special. Bah Humbug.


    And the politician that is pushing this "disestablished" effort? He doesn't get religion from a religious view I don't think, but rather as expected, he sees things from a political view.

    He said: ‘Disestablishment is long overdue, and it would be better for it to occur sooner rather than later. The established status of the church contradicts ideas of equality, fairness and justice which Christianity is supposed to stand for.'

    Well no. Jesus is not for equality and fairness.. that's a fantasy concocted by politicians in a world that will never be fair, and we are obviously not built to be equal. Jesus is for Justice. As we shall all plead Mercy before.

    Wednesday, December 17, 2008

    You say you want a revolution...

    Riots and Chaos from the young. Teens on the street with matches and 100 Greek middle schools occupied and controled by the children.

    Sure sounds like the 60's only without fear of reprisal by the law and order folks who must be staying at home and watching it on TV.

    If there is a ressonance, let me predict more social disorder, rage and burning. Poor old Lyndon Johnson made promises for a Great Society and freedom. When progress was not immediate, but rather plodded along at a politician's pace, Watts burned down.

    There's almost no comparison between Johnson's promises, and the hype that accompanies Obama. If he plods along at merely human pace, our old friend Mr. Chaos will arrive to accompany the wanting, demanding, spoiled, ignorant masses.

    Those not in the streets can watch it on TV.

    Thursday, December 11, 2008

    Finally the Anglicans can become Catholic

    It may happen yet. Since the Anglicans believe that the King or Queen of England are divinely appointed by God to lead their church, this should put an end to the sad division between us all these hundreds of years.

    A Catholic Anglican leader would be compelled to wipe out this old national church division, and move the high Anglicans to Rome where they belong.

    The low Anglicans would find no interest on their own part, or Rome's.


    Tuesday, December 09, 2008

    Twinge of morals vs wants

    I know it's not easy to balance all these competing human wants and desires regarding IVF. God made us to want children. And the thankfully nagging Church reminds us to have the children using God's methods.

    It is interesting that a sizable percentage of IVF folks perceive something to consider in their little baby embryos. And that this occurs to them only after their wants for a child have been satisfied. Like so many sins I know personally, once the want is satisfied, guilt takes its place.

    Perhaps it will prompt them to investigate the Church's reasoning regarding abortion again, and how the destruction of little embryos is like abortion, just less graphic and easier.


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