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    Monday, July 31, 2006


    Something seems to be working. While the national numbers above show a decrease in religious vocations, Mother Regina Pacis said that orders such as the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia of Nashville, the Sisters of Life, the Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist, the Missionaries of Charity, and the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles (among many others) have been experiencing tremendous growth in their communities.


    Sister Mary Emily, O.P., Vocation Director of the Dominicans of Nashville said that her order has nearly doubled in the last 10 years, seeing over 100 new vocations in that period. Not only that, but there are currently an additional 80 women in formation with an average of 15 entering each year. The median age of her community is now 36 and the average age of those women entering is 24.

    “The young women who enter the community are talented, wholesome women who want to sacrifice their lives for the Church. They have heard the call to “Come follow Me” and they do it very willingly and very joyfully,” Sister Mary Emily told CNA.

    Mother Regina Pacis said that several religious orders listed on the CMSWR website get thousands of hits each week. “This shows that people are still searching.”

    The most important thing for Catholics to do, Mother Regina Pacis said, is to pray for vocations. Mother said that, “we must keep in mind the words of (Pope John Paul II’s Apostolic Exhortation) Vita Consecrata, which says, that everyone is called to work for vocations.

    “We pray especially that parents will be open to the vocations of their children and be supportive if they are called to the religious life,” Mother Regina Pacis said, “It is a sacrifice, but we pray that they will be generous.”

    Just like our culture's horrid modern archetecture, we just can't deliver
    men and women into Religious life anymore like we used to.

    The reasons are too many to mention, but it is nice that prayer is still
    the main suggestion from the experts.

    And I would bet that if a study were done, Catholics who home school would
    prove to have many more vocations coming from their families. It just makes
    plain sense. The corrosive culture is held at bay during the tender young years,
    and the flower blooms again.


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