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    Wednesday, May 03, 2006

    Skip Mcdonalds, Skip Baby

    Another triumph for "women's heath".

    A spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland said: “The very serious danger with this method is that so little time goes into thinking through the consequences. "

    The more streamlined the process becomes, the higher the risk that the woman will not fully consider her options. This will make abortion more convenient and make it less likely the woman will be able to pause for thought."

    Margaret Cuthill, national co-ordinator of British Victims of Abortion, said: "This is minimising abortion to the point where it is like a trip to the dentist or the supermarket. "

    Many of the women who come for post-abortion counselling with our organisation say they felt like they had been put on a conveyer belt and this new procedure will add to that."


    The Catholic Church in Scotland has expressed alarm over plans by the Scottish NHS to introduce controversial “lunchtime” abortions, a move which has left critics angry that NHS managers have reduced the procedure to something as trivial as a trip to the dentist.

    Dr Anna Glasier, the clinical director for sexual health at NHS Lothian confirmed that women will be able to undergo terminations fully conscious in outpatient rooms when a pilot scheme is launched in 2007.

    The procedure, which takes just a few hours, was first introduced in England in an abortion clinic which said the shorter termination “could be quite easily completed during a working woman’s lunchtime”.

    "They are also up and about very quickly. The other advantage is that there is a certain stigma with abortion and women can leave the clinic without someone having to take them home. They can also take less time off work."


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