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    Sunday, April 23, 2006

    Sneeky condoms

    Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini of Milan has expressed his support for the limited use of condoms, contrary to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. In certain situations condom use is the lesser evil he told news magazine L'espresso.


    "There is the particular situation of married couples in which one of the spouses is affected by AIDS. This person has an obligation to protect the other partner and the other partner also has to protect themselves, he said.

    This is probably just hype. It could very well be a lesser evil. So what? Evil is not something to assist our Salvation. That doesn't mean he supports condoms. Although he has a strange way of showing his fidelity to the Church.

    But let's give a Cardinal the benefit of the doubt.... then watch him carefully. He was considered a contender in the Papal election. Probably stating his case for the next opportunity.

    Good.. there should be no misunderstanding among the other Cardinals as they cast their vote guilded by the Holy Spirit.


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