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    Friday, April 14, 2006

    How to break the Church

    Nothing we don't already know. It just seemed to me like a good Good Friday

    ...the Crusades, which were a series of military pilgrimages (1075-1271). Their main purpose was to recapture the Holy Land from Muslim cultural imperialism. Unlike Jesus, Muhammad was a warrior whose religion used violence to advance its religious teachings. Enlightened historians, who despise the religious nature of Western Civilization, have egregiously inverted history to portray the Muslims as the innocent victims of an imperial West, motivated by the greed and religious bigotry of the Catholic Church. What they have failed to teach is the fact that the Crusades were a defensive reaction to the Muslim invasion of Europe, taking nearly seven hundred years to repel.


    The Inquisition is also another favorite of the Church's enemies.

    The Galileo affair.

    ...the clerical sexual abuse scandal that is arguably the worst affliction to hit the Church in 500 years. While no one should attempt to defend the indefensible, much can be said to put the situation in its proper context. There is serious doubt that this scandal, unsurprising in a sexually charged culture, had anything to do with pedophilia or was related to the Church's celibacy discipline. About 90% of the verifiable cases involved male adolescents. The mainstream media and the American hierarchy seem to have used pedophilia as a code word to mask the reality of homosexuality in the priesthood.

    After Vatican II, Church teachings on Heaven, Hell and judgment started to fade to the back of the Church. Notions of universal salvation spewed from the pulpits. Over 100 years ago the Church identified this heresy as religious indifferentism.

    According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, an absolute indifference to religion is common to all atheistic and materialistic societies. What has emerged in the West is what the Catholic Encyclopedia calls restricted indifference, another of the pernicious outgrowths of the French Enlightenment. These advocates, such as Jean Jacques Rousseau, hold that since all religions were essentially the same, God looked only into the sincerity of one's heart. To say that the contradictions, errors, half-truths and falsehoods, protected under the mantle of religion, please God, is an egregious thought that is dangerous in practice.


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