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    Monday, May 01, 2006

    Funny 'Liturgical Anonymous'

    Introducing Liturgical Anonymous (LA) an international, spiritually oriented community of liturgical abusers who meet in local groups to help each other end this destructive addiction to changing the liturgy as one wants. Liturgical Anonymous follows a 12 step program and not one of the steps are a dance step.


    Here is an example of some of the steps in the process:

    1. Admit that we have no right to change the liturgy of the Church.

    2. Come to believe that there are liturgical documents greater than "Environment and Art in Catholic Worship."

    3. Make a decision to follow the rubrics in the GIRM.

    4. Make an examination of conscience and determine where you have deviated from liturgical norms.

    5. Actually read the documents regulating the liturgy.

    Here are just some of the testimonial of successful members of Liturgical Anonymous:


    (Found on The Curt Jester)


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