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    Saturday, May 06, 2006

    If we work together, we will find out we like each other

    Pope Benedict XVI expressed hope that a landmark meeting between Catholic and Russian Orthodox representatives would result in the two churches working together to re-evangelize Europe.


    The May 3-5 meeting in Vienna, Austria, was titled, "Give a Soul to Europe: The Mission and Responsibility of the Churches."

    In his remarks to participants May 3, Cardinal Poupard said that during his close collaboration with Patriarch Alexy over the years he discovered that the Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches share very similar ideas concerning the root causes of the religious and moral crises that Europe faces.

    While the two churches wish to "become aware of our legitimate differences in approach" and prospects for working together to evangelize Europe, he said in his text there was no doubt that the gospel was the solution in bringing about "a true humanism" in Europe.

    To effectively infuse European politics, scientific and economic advancements with Christian values and ethics, the two churches must work together, "each one according to our grace" and the richness of each one's ancient traditions, he said.


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