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    Friday, January 13, 2006

    What if we can't say we are?

    Saying the obvious
    should be OK... many countries are Christian by character and fact.

    I know it makes other folks worried about their freedom. Mainly I suppose
    because their non-Christian beliefs are so hostile back in their native

    "In a re-Christianised Scotland I would certainly respect the beliefs of people of other faiths, the great world faiths, and acknowledge when they are celebrating their feasts, just as they acknowledge when we celebrate the feast of Christmas and these sort of things." - Cardinal O'Brien

    While the cardinal says Scotland is a "multi-cultural country", he adds: "The basic core faith in Scotland I would maintain is Christianity. And I would like to think that in other countries, where other faiths are in the majority, the Christian faith would be given the same recognition as other faiths are given here."


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