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    Saturday, December 03, 2005

    "If there is life, then it has all the rights and a mother cannot apply the death penalty,"

    "I think it's the end of the realization that the criminalization of abortion doesn't lead to less abortion, but that it leads to a lot of preventable problems."

    Oh, it doesn't...oh, it does? Good Grief!


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Really, whatever happened to laws that aimed to improve the common good? We've accelerated towards special interest politicking. Because this is the case, abortion-demanding women are bound to out-mobilize advocates for life. Such women are too wrapped up in their bodies, their careers, the unfettered pursuit of their own health, whereas life advocates have to connect a few more dots in order to show their interest in abortion prohibitions.

    We need judges who are vigilant for the rights of the unborn so that these judges can stem the tide of unbridled trampling by women over their babies.

    December 03, 2005  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Ha... just try to define common good without a reference to GOD!

    Not a stable environment at all.

    December 03, 2005  

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