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    Thursday, December 01, 2005

    From the "if there is a god" point of view

    "(If girls had been the predominant targets of abuse, would the church be investigating seminaries for evidence of heterosexuality?)"


    "And then there's the matter of constancy. Given its attitude, you would think the church would purge its ranks of homosexuals entirely, but consistency be damned: the ban on gays applies to potential candidates only, not to those already ordained."

    "Ordained" is forever. This is the Church's attempt to preclude mistakes before they are set in living stone forever.

    "As the church manipulates the pederasty scandals in order to purge itself of homosexuals, it may succeed in purifying its ranks but in doing so, may shrink its numbers further. "

    It seems to me that shrinking is better than being inflated with non-celibate vow breakers who seem to be attracted to teen boys. Besides, there is such a thing as a manly man, who hopfully would be represented in greater numbers by filling the Priest ranks they may have been avoiding.


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