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    Tuesday, December 06, 2005

    An Anglican explaining why the church (his/ours/everybody's) is already "One, Holy. Catholic. & Apostolic"

    It is so interesting to begin to see where the Protestants are coming from as they explain why it is good that they are separate and stand alone. Answer...

    "Jesus' prayer that His disciples might be one was not just an exercise in wishful thinking. Nor was it even a command that His followers work towards church unity."

    Oh? Here's the punch line...

    "When Jesus speaks things happen. When He says something, something gets done. When He prays that His disciples may be one, they become one."

    For those of us that realize that although Jesus has conquered sin, we still struggle against sin, and that very sad scandalous divisions still describe Christianity, Father John's necessary outlook can not be ours.


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