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    Monday, December 05, 2005

    "it is faith that shows love how to fulfill the law"

    Dom Hubert van Zeller explains faith, not only as our Catholic faith, or personal belief in God, but as trust and confidence in Him.

    "It is faith that begins the life of hope and love, and in this life completes it.

    Though love is the fulfilling of the law, it is faith that shows love how to fulfill the law. Without faith it is impossible to love." (page 198)

    Faith guides, directs and informs our minds and hearts in all things.

    Pray for a more perfect faith, a deeper faith. Read and study your faith in the Catechism of the Catholic Church so that you may be able to love, and love more perfectly.

    Dom Hubert van Zeller, OSB, The Choice of God. (Springfield, Illinois:Templegate, reprint 1963) ISBN : 87243-047-2


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