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    Tuesday, December 06, 2005

    Would you be comfortable at this meeting?

    “The LWF needs to give space to women’s issues and women’s leadership, not for liberal or democratic reasons but for theological reasons,”

    theological reasons.. of course! and the topics?....

    "in addition to ordination of women were economic globalization, HIV/AIDS, and violence against women"

    sounds like the theology of NBC Nightly News, and there are some temporary problems...

    "Vince remarked that women’s ordination is not yet common practice in all LWF member churches, according to LWF. And where it is done, women pastors are not always accepted as congregation leaders."

    Oh well, back to some sound theology...

    “Ordination of women means that we believe in the quality of men and women. It is a manifestation of the equality of creation.”

    Yes, quite god centered. But back to the interesting meeting agenda..

    "work in the past three years concentrated mainly on leadership development training programs, capacity building, gender mainstreaming, economic empowerment, and women’s ordination. "

    Praise her in the heights!


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