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    Monday, June 25, 2007

    Can we talk?

    How about intoxication.

    When I was in grade school, the nuns stressed that in biblical times, wine was drunk regularly because water was scarce. They said this was not wine you could get drunk on, but more like grape juice.

    Nowadays I think they were telling a little white lie. Starting way back with Noah, folks got drunk. It’s part of life. It’s almost natural, although the grape juice does have to be processed to make it intoxicating. And it’s important. The wine used at Mass must be the good stuff. Not grape juice, but intoxicating wine.

    Jesus is real, the Last Supper is real, and the wine’s gotta be real. I love it.

    Early in the 20th Century, a believable thing happened. While our boys were ‘over there’ fighting the Hun, the folks at home decided to suppress intoxicating brew to make us all healthier, happier, and painfully sober.

    After a while an unbelievable thing happened, the constitution was amended to repeal the nonsense. Actually it made very much sense in a non-human insane type of way. But it just didn’t fit the human experience. In retrospect the whole experiment was amazing.

    Now to get to the point, there is a natural plentiful plant supplied by God for great ropes and wonderful mild intoxication. Unlike wine, it does not need to be processed, and although it is usually smoked, it can just as easily be eaten if there is enough supply to be extravagant. When not smoked, unlike wine’s action on the liver, it has no known adverse physical side effects.

    It is widely used, although technically illegal for the last 70 years. One of those things so widespread, that the government can only afford to go after suppliers vs. the vast number of users past or present.

    How did such a nice plant get to be illegal? Through a dislike of Mexicans, Blacks and threatening unemployment.

    The huge bureaucracy of anti-alcohol government agents were faced without a needful purpose or mission after prohibition was repealed. The solution was to turn them loose against the weed which had always been popular with Mexicans and could be found in the U.S. cities among the Blacks.

    As proof how ill informed, or just how evil the propagandists were, you can watch the 1936 infomercial “Reefer Madness”, a constant source of amusement for the 60’s crowd.

    Video Link

    OK, since pleasure is hard to defend, what’s the big deal? The big deal is the forever failing and destructive U.S.A. war on drugs, which unfortunately includes the beloved weed.

    The prohibition has the side effect of death, crime, corruption. Mexico is the mess it is largely because drug crime infiltrates all levels of government. And the weed being illegal is a giant agent in this debacle.

    I propose we discuss this in the light of day, and get rid of the prohibition.

    It would be very pleasurable, wipe out the cause of much crime in Mexico, be a great source of new ‘sin tax’, and make my trips to the gas station for cigarettes more meaningful. I’m sure there will be a great display of weed brands, along side the Winstons and Copenhagen.


    Mexico temporarily removed all 284 of its top federal police officers from their jobs and is forcing them to prove they will not be corrupted in the fight against drug trafficking, the government announced Monday.

    In a rare acknowledgment of the gravity of violence related to drug trafficking, Mexico's top domestic security official, Interior Secretary Francisco Ramirez, recently said the government had lost control before President Felipe Calderon launched the current offensive.

    The heavily armed drug gangs are blamed for more than 1,300 deaths this year, including dozens of decapitations. Calderon responded by sending out more than 24,000 soldiers and federal police to battle the traffickers, and by ordering the creation of an elite military special operations force capable of surgical strikes.

    The Calderon administration insists the crackdown is working. More than 1,000 gunmen have been detained, and millions of dollars in marijuana plants burned.


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