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    Monday, October 09, 2006

    Lesbians with kids... how can that be?

    A lesbian couple from Rhode Island who won the right to marry in Massachusetts held their ceremony Sunday.


    Becker and Norton have been together for 18 years and have two children, 3-year-old Mickey and 6-year-old Hannah. Becker works at Rhode Island College, Norton at Brown Medical School.

    Well at least their careers are keeping them away from grade school

    I value pictures of homosexual men with little boys acting like
    they are married. They tell such a lurid story. The only caption I can think of
    in those cases is "are we out of our minds?". Did our parents never tell us that
    homosexual men must be kept away from boys for the sake of the boys? Maybe our
    parents never thought it would become such a shameless modern issue. But the
    constant headlines, including our shameless priests of the 60's and 70's should
    be making an impression deep impression that no one can

    Physically, lesbians acting like they are married are probably
    safer for young boys and girls; I don't know. But how safe are they for
    children's minds?

    Let's take a look at this idyllic scene.

    Smiles and warmth abound. The children are being held in place by
    whom I presume are their mothers. Who knows? Although I think we are still years away from stirring kids up in a petri dish, and growing them in a zip-lock baggie in a warming tray. Many years I hope.

    Pastor Sandra is
    wearing a white stole, mimicking high church vestments. It being blank white is
    either a sign or purity, or a sign of nothingness. Perhaps it means both since common sense is under-used here Nice fashion choice.

    They hold a chalice of what I hope is Welsh's grape juice. A mimic of
    Christ's blood perhaps. I know it's not the real thing. Or perhaps symbolic of their college days of passing the jug.

    And the poor little boy. What does he think of daddy? Will he want
    to become a daddy? How will he know what a daddy is like? Do men even exist for
    him? Not in this cherished wedding album picture they don't.

    How about the poor little girl? Will she grow up waiting for her Prince Charming, or someone more like mommie?

    Phew, enough ranting?

    Just one more thing... the mommies had the good taste to wear black. Which
    is a nice opposite to white. Kinda sets the mood for their future and portrays
    their past.

    Oh and one more thing... does anyone care to conjecture exactly how the
    mommies will consumate their forming one flesh tonight? Male and female He made
    them. I don't think the parts will fit.

    And again it occurs to me, where did these poor children come from? Who
    abandoned them to 2 women playing house?

    OK, enough already. Too many questions, and not enough answers. And I
    suspect the answers are worse then the questions.


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