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    Thursday, October 05, 2006

    Can islam develop doctrine?

    Christianity has been able to talk to modern people by developing existing
    doctrine over time. Never creating new doctrine, but loving doctrine, and
    studying it to find how it speaks to us today.

    This does not change
    doctrine, but unveils it more and more as a rich treasure that is more fully
    explained in answer to questions that arise over the centuries.

    cleric that is in trouble can not start from the position that their prophet was
    making mistakes. Rather, they must find that what he said was true, and is
    explained thusly in modern times.

    Of course, if they find that the
    prophet was making mistakes, that would be telling of a serious flaw from the
    beginning. All this controversy is very good if we hope to arrive at a place
    where finally we can talk to each other.


    Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilaly yesterday accused the chairman of John Howard's Islamic reference board, Ameer Ali, of selling out his religion to gain the support and financial backing of Muslim critics.

    Dr Ali said in The Australian yesterday that Mohammed had flaws, and criticised Muslims who blindly follow the faith and failed to question the veracity of the Koran.

    Sheik Hilaly, the head of Lakemba Mosque in Sydney's southwest, said Dr Ali's "defamatory" remarks were akin to those that in 1989 earned Rushdie a fatwa from Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini.

    While Sheik Hilaly backed Dr Ali's call for a reinterpretation of the Koran to fit modern times, he condemned his "dangerous" and "ignorant" comments about the prophet.

    "We forbid such statements, from both Ameer Ali and anyone who has encouraged him to say what he said," Sheik Hilaly said in an interview conducted in Arabic.


    Blogger Johnny Ong said...

    interesting topic !

    October 08, 2006  
    Anonymous religion of pieces said...


    There are reports that Jesus is appearing to Muslims in dreams and converting them to Christianity:

    What are the Religious Police doing about it? How come this sort of stuff can get through censorship into Islamic countries? Can't the authorities put up some kind of dream firewall?

    Most likely the Jooooooooz are behind it since they control all the media. And wasn't Jesus a Joooooo?

    October 08, 2006  

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