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    Monday, August 21, 2006

    Reproductive Rights

    Here is a statement regarding the International Treaty on Disabilities given to the U.N. General Assembly by the International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations last Wednesday.


    Particular concern is raised against any intra or extra utero screening be used to mark new human beings for termination. This is a heinous offense against humanity, the new life, and all of those disabled living heroically and joyfully, even in suffering, and those who with compassion and love care for them. All of these techniques and interventions are to be used on behalf of new life, not its frustration.

    A society which seeks to reduce suffering by abortion or by euthanasia of a disabled newborn, or at any time thereafter, will devour itself. In truth the human condition ultimately finds each and every one of us disabled, physically, emotionally or psychologically.

    We must first preserve and then serve the lives of "the least in ability" because neither life nor love, or usefulness and purpose are denied in disability.


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