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    Friday, August 11, 2006

    Any questions?

    It is useless to investigate islam looking for an authoritive

    With some parallels to the local corner ‘bible church’, it’s
    read the koran, and decide for yourself. Only Catholics have an authoritive

    Even among peace activist Catholics, there are bumper
    stickers that state “If you want peace, work for justice”. They see Jesus
    constantly on the side of the poor and oppressed. But come on, do you think
    Jesus had a ‘plan’ for justice and peace? Was He all about a program? Where
    exactly is he eliminating oppression? Rather He told us that the poor
    we would have with us always. And like Mother Teresa, those poor are to be shown

    He was all about love. In fact he was love. That’s the
    starting point and foundation. Diving love in each heart. After that, everything
    is easy.

    The key turning point for Christians is to turn the other
    cheek. As far as I know, no other religion has such a teaching. Like St.
    Francis, take off your clothes, leave your belongings in the street, give the
    oppressors your coat and shirt too, and get on with it.

    Or you
    could, as this individual islam spokesperson decides, “help eliminate oppression
    in all its manifestations and work for justice and you will see that peace will
    prevail.” Well sure. That’s one heavy plan that has been continuing from
    the vantage point of individual viewpoints of oppression, justice, and peace
    since Cain and Able.

    Nope, there is something in the Sermon on the
    Mount and Calvary that contains the more difficult and more divine action.
    Sacrifice. Although it will never appear on the list of short term goals… It is

    Only Christians have it. Which even if it is seldom tried,
    is the important thing.


    Islam is derived from two root words -- "salaam" meaning peace and "ism" meaning submission. This very definition formulates the significance of following the Islamic way of life and of submitting to this religion in totality, since it promises this will bring about peace. Peace, then, is not a mere concept or an automatic result of identifying oneself as a Muslim. It is a goal, a reward and a state of being that is achieved when one surrenders to the Islamic way of life freely, with understanding and sincere commitment.

    Islam warns that all human beings are to be treated equally and their dignity preserved because to do otherwise is to sow seeds of discontent and tilt the balance of justice. Poverty, starvation, homelessness and wasteful consumption of world resources by a few are all contributing to the disharmony in our world today. To chant peace as a mantra without actively seeking to correct this imbalance will not achieve peace.

    Achieve and submit.

    Islam is to be excused for not being told about Love. Somehow, that
    angel that whispered all those secrets to their prophet forgot that little
    thing. I would still like to see that angel's identity card. He sounds to
    me like a troublemaker.


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