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    Friday, February 17, 2006

    Supposedly Catholic magazine says "Homosexuality is a fact", representing "truth"

    "Academy Awards - The truth will set moviegoers free"

    says the article title, regarding the theme of all five movies nominated
    this year for Best Picture by the Academy.

    And since the article claims "Homosexuality is a fact", it is only "a world
    capable of murder, a society that demands lies from those who are different and
    just about everyone else" that causes these 2 famous broke cowboys trouble.

    The "the Catholic Register" is a liberal rag, and its readers are affirmed
    and gobble this stuff up.

    Unlike the Pope in 2000 that wasn't too keen on Gay Pride parades in Rome
    during the Jubilee year. He said..

    "In the name of the Church of Rome, I must express sadness for the affront to the Grand Jubilee of the year 2000 and for the offense to the Christian values of a city that is so dear to the hearts of the Catholics of the world...Homosexual acts are against nature's laws. The church cannot silence the truth, because this would not help discern what is good from what is evil."

    The Pope's Truth seems at odds with this magazine's view that in fact,
    homosexual cowboys are their own individual truth, whose troubles begin when
    they start lying in the presence of oppresive society.

    Either the Pope's Church, or this liberal view is wrong. I think it's an easy
    call. Gay "Pride" centers around the chief of the 7 deadly sins. This magazine's
    supporters are quite apart from the Pope's Church. But they sure do cherish
    hanging on to the claim of being "Catholic". Too bad with all their individual
    truths, it just ain't true.

    I understand their desire to be Catholic, but it is not true, unless the
    Church's Truth, and their truth match.

    Here's how the article protrays the poor cowboys desending from Jesus'
    mountain retreat, into society's hell...

    It’s no accident that the first half of Brokeback Mountain is filled with lush Christian imagery which recalls Jesus the good shepherd. When the gay cowboy lovers first discover a way to be authentic with each other β€” truthful about their basic sexual attractions and the source of their happiness in each other β€” they achieve a resemblance to truth itself. When they come down off the mountain they return to a world capable of murder, a society that demands lies from those who are different and just about everyone else.

    The lies add up to disastrous marriages and wounded families and joyless lives. The movie is not concerned with either condemning or advocating homosexuality. Homosexuality is a fact. Director Ang Lee is interested in how we face the facts β€” with the authentic human kindness that truth demands, or with lies which justify our violence and loathing of other people.


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