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    Wednesday, January 25, 2006

    Too bad he protests and stands apart

    He's a good entertainer. And made a good movie. Too bad he is unable to
    absorb a larger Truth. Too bad he is one of so many.

    He is a good reminder of the very good work that can be and is being done,
    even with a portion of the whole. So powerful is the Fullness of Salvation that
    is appropriated piecemeal.

    St. Michael the Archangel Chapel is being built in Pennsylvania's Mt. Pleasant Township. The church is part of a Catholic movement that rejects Vatican II -- the liturgical reforms adopted in the early 1960s.

    The Gibsons have chosen as their church leader a former priest who is no longer in good standing with the Catholic Diocese of Greensburg, Pa., the newspaper said.

    The Rev. Lawrence Persico, vicar general of the Diocese of Greenburg, told the Tribune the Gibsons' church would not be recognized as Roman Catholic.

    "A Catholic church, to be truly in communion with Rome, must be in communion with the diocesan bishop," Persico said. "I don't know where they get their legal authority. It's not a Roman Catholic church, no matter what they say.

    "Union with Rome and the Holy See is very important if you're going to be a Roman Catholic. It's essential."


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